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This is not your typical Christmas service! Christmas Eve 2017

Sorry there is no audio recording this week! There was an issue with the recording equipment.

Sorry there is no audio recording this week! There was an issue with the recording equipment.

Christmas can be a stressful season of pressure and unmet expectations with a current that can pull us under if we're just going with the flow. This series explores how to find God's grace during this season, so we can focus on what's truly important! December 2017.

Sometimes we have to remove some "stuff" before we'll be ready for the new things God wants to bring into our lives. November 2017.

This series preached by various staff members establishes five purposes for our lives, and how we can use this knowledge to benefit our world! October 2017 

A study on Acts, where amazing growth potential ensues when we learn to act out what we allow God to work inside of us. September 2017

Voices influence us more than we realize; who we listen to has a big effect on who we become. August 2017

Are you trying to get your way or trying to find your way? When you know who you are, you will know what to do. Pastors Steve and Tabby Finton July 2017

Be careful not to put your faith into "Airplane Mode" this summer! Life's greatest need is connection with God! June 2017

Creating an ushakable faith that gets you back up, no matter what hits you. March 2017.

The games we play in relationships are toxic. If you try to win, then everyone involved will lose. This series will help youfind health and happiness in your relationships. February 2017.

Events of life can disrupt your plans, discourage your positive view, and defeat your desire to keep on keeping on. Strong commitments and convictions aren't enough! You need to know it's going to be ok! 

A good counselor doesn't start by giving answers, but by asking questions. Find out how Jesus' questions reveal our hearts. May 21 - June 3.